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Our funding schemes

We provide funding for laboratory-based research projects to address important questions in the field of blood cancer. We are implementing our new research strategy and will be opening more schemes in the coming year, focusing on collaboration and early careers.

Research projects

Applications to the following schemes are considered by our Research Committee.

Project grants - call for applications

Project grants are usually awarded for up to £250,000 and up to three years for clearly defined research projects addressing key questions in the field of blood cancer. The remit of the project grant scheme includes Trial-Associated Research Projects, which are laboratory-based projects associated with a fully-funded clinical trial that aim to address a clearly defined research question to maximise the value and outcome of the trial.

Please note that new applications for biobank funding will not be considered. Further details of the scheme are included in the Project grant guidance document, or contact the research team with queries ([email protected]).

All applications must be submitted via the Grant Tracker.


  • 14 June 2021 - project funding round opened
  • 2 September 2021 - 4pm deadline for submission of applications
  • March 2022 - outcomes will be known by this date

If you have grant application queries, please contact the research team at [email protected]

Project grant priorities

We would particularly welcome applications that align to the below prioritised areas:

  1. Improving understanding of fundamental disease processes - including underlying areas such as disease origin, transformation, and relapse, so that we can better predict, and in the future prevent, blood cancer.
  2. Improving treatment options for the individual – including personalised approaches and immunotherapies, resulting in improved survival with fewer side effects (due to less toxic treatments).
  3. Developing novel approaches to the use of data – advancing our understanding through analysing large and rich data sets to facilitate benefits across blood cancers.

For more information on these priorities, please see the above guidance document and our research strategy page.

Grant application success rates for response mode funding schemes

Funding decisions are made on the basis of scientific quality. Success rates vary over time due the levels of funding available, the level of demand from the research community and quality of applications received.

2018/2019 summary:

82 grant funding applications received;

17 awards were made with a total value of £4.38 million;

21% success rate (all grants).

2019/2020 summary:

52 grant funding applications received;

15 awards were made with a total value of £3.71 million;

29% success rate (all grants).

2020/2021 summary:

47 grant funding applications received;

9 awards were made with a total value of £2.57 million;

19% success rate (all grants).

Partnership funding schemes

Blood Cancer UK works with other national and international funders to support innovative blood cancer research.

Our research strategy includes a goal of developing new partnerships, bringing new funding into blood cancer research and accelerating progress by strengthening collaboration. Most recently, we have come together with industry partners and other charities to lead the Vaccine Research Collaborative.

Where there is alignment of specific research interests, with funding partners, we may prioritise research into particular conditions or themes.

If you feel that you have a research proposal that may be appropriate for partnership funding, please contact our research team.

Discontinued grant schemes

Programme Continuity grants

This funding scheme has been discontinued and no new funding rounds are due to open.

For further enquiries, please contact the research team at [email protected]

Early Phase Clinical Trial grants

This funding scheme has been discontinued and no new funding rounds are due to open.

For further enquiries, please contact the research team at [email protected]

Training and career development awards

At present there are no open rounds for this committee.